Stories from our volunteers


"Faraja Orphanage is in one word AMAZING. The love and dedication to the kids is admirable. They do all they can to give them the best life. They fill their life with opportunities and joy, for me being a volunteer there was for sure a life changing experience, I truly believe instead of  me changing their life they changed mine. Thank you Faraja for letting me be part of your beautiful family."


- Maria, Colombia

Volunteering means voluntary and non-remunerative work where you will be able to share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experiences with others.  As a volunteer ,you will get the opportunity to influence and make a difference for both yourself and for others around you.  

Be a part of the children’s journey towards developing, learning and growing. Become a support and security; a big brother or a big sister. You as a volunteer have an important role and that is just to be there for them.

Give them love and once again love because one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and the children is to volunteer. 

Volunteer duties

  • Teaching in one of our classes
  • Help the children with their homeworks
  • Support during mealtime
  • Play with children
  • Organaizing games and other acitivites
  • Coaching children in different sport actvities 
  • Homevisiting
  • Help the children with their personal hygiene
  • Assist with cooking, washing and laundry
  • Create new ideas and plans for development
  • Medical care

If you are interested to volunteer directly with us, please send us a email and will discuss further your requirement and options.


Karibu sana!

We welcome volunteers from all over the world, with and without previous experience. 


"I can begin these words, with deep respect and gratitude, they were days, they are not forgotten, they remain forever, people who do not have so much material, but give you what they have, they share it without expecting anything in return, that was my experience,  full of love, respect and family, in the middle of a mindk with so many deteriorations, the love of the children makes us want to return and do better things for them!  education and love is success for everything. "


- Nathalie, Venezuela

"Volunteering at Faraja Orphanage and Children’s Home was a life changing experience for me. From the moment I arrived I fell in love with these beautiful children, they are so excited to see volunteers and just shower you with love and hugs. What impressed me most was how much Faraja and the staff love these children and how they feel like one big family. Faraja has ‘family meetings’ which gives every child a chance to say what’s on their mind in a safe, loving environment."


- Jenni, USA

"Volunteering at Faraja Orphanage children’s Home was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. I believed this was a wonderful opportunity to get immersed in a new culture while giving back to a community that needed support.

And it actually changed my life.Children in Faraja have so little but they give you everything and they are very helpful and lovely from the first moment they see you: always with a smile, they want to play with you, talk to you and show you how everything works."

- Sandra, Germany

When you book your stay at African Peace Apartments and Hostel 5 % of the profit will go directly to the orphanage as a donation to help the children.


Book your stay via the website and help improve the daily life for children at Faraja Orphanage.