We are constantly working with both short and long term development of the orphanage and our main goal is to be as independent as possible

Short-term goals

  • Update our playground
  • Purchase new indoor and outside toys
  • Organizing stuff in the dormitories 
  • Clean up the office room
  • Keeping the environment clean
  • Focus on health and hygiene of the children


Long-term goals

  • Creating a safe environment for volunteers
  • Become more financially self-sufficient
  • Updating our sponsorship program





Faraja Orpahange Children's Home was established by Faraja Maliaki and are a Non-Governmental organization with the followig registration number : 00NGO/08378.  During inspiration and a strong feeling in his heart made him take he decided to open an orphanage for the main purpose to support children that come from difficult situations around the villages of Arusha. 

The orphanage started 2008 with small tools and resources but has since then develpoed enormouly and faced many different challagnes along the way. Our facility right now consist of a kitchen, storage rooms, two classroom, one dining room and 3 big rooms with bunkbeds. We have a small playground on the facilities as well. 


We support and take care of children that come from difficult situations regardless of gender, tribeand religion. The children at the moment is between the ages of 10 months up to 18 years. Some children lives with their parents/guardians but spend the day with us and some of the children is living with us permanently.  Regardless of where they are living we provide them as best as we can with food, shelter, clothes and love.


We know the value of education and therefore we know how important it is to attend a qualified school to secure a good future for each child. Therefore we are always looking for sponsors to our children. For more information about sponsorship please click here.